Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The day of my parents' divorce was the one of the most difficult of my life. When I heard the news of my parents decision to divorce, I felt the whole world collapsed upon me. Tears welled up in my eyes and began rolling down my cheeks like rivulets. A family was going to be dispersed, shattered. I was only a four year old girl. The pain was almost too great to endure for a little child. It was an unpleasant experience for me.

Every time my thoughts flashed back to the distressing scene, my heart would break and ache so badly with sorrow. Although I am now a teenager and this had happened almost twelve years ago, but i felt as if it had just happened yesterday. I had never liked to share and talk about my life with my friends. The news of my parents' divorce was very embarrassing, so I will never tell my friends -- This was what I thought when I was in primary one.

I did not know the truth. I did not know the reason of my parents' decision to divorce. I did not know anything. I have never asked my mother for the reason they had made because I did not want her to feel upset and recall the memories with sadness. My father seldom brought me out for activities such as picnic or jogging in the park, at least faster our relationship. However, I do not hate my father of feel annoyed with him but somehow the relationship gets more and more distance.

As time passed, I realized that telling others that I live in a single-family is nothing to be awkward or embarrassed about. Every family has a skeleton in closet, every person will be meet with different problems and there will be different decisions and different endings. At the same time, I have learnt to be open-minded and I an willing to listen and think about others' idea and opinion. My aunt, a professional counselor always gives me advice to help me counter with whatever problems that I met. I always respect her advice.

No matter how optimistic I had become, the day of my parents' divorce was one of the most difficult of my life. The hole in my heart would never recover as the hole is too deep like an abyss. My parents divorce is a fact, no one can change it, so I just have to accept it. Every time my memories flashed back to that day, I would fall to my knees and clutched my head at the corner of my bedchamber.

Teacher commented : very touching !!
I felt happy. sure that. I have a long time didn't write such touching English composition seriously. HaHa !!

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