Monday, October 25, 2010

Sharing time

Lazy hands make a man poor,
but diligent hands bring wealth.

(Proverbs 10:4)

Hatred stirs up dissension,
but love covers over all wrong.

(Proverbs 10:12)

When words are many, sin is not absent,
but he who holds his tongue is wise.

(Proverbs 10:19)

The fear of the Lord adds length to life,
but the years of the wicked are cut short.

(Proverbs 10:27)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mighty Minds Natunal Challenge

15 OCTOBER 2010
I was so excited and nervous. Kirane, Charlene and I was going to Kuala Lumpur to represent Sabah. Unfortunately, our flight delayed became 12.50pm. So, we just be patient and wait at the airport.

When we reached K.L, a man fetch us to Swiss-Garden Hotel. After we registered, we went to our room. It was room 817! we had our dinner at RHB centre and we got some gift from RHB too :D it's a RHB bag, mug and a 'sticker notebook'. After that, all the team leaders went out to take a pingpong ball with lucky number. Our team is team 7! it's the middle number. Next, one of the judges gave us a short briefing about the-next-day challenges. we were so excited!!

we went back to hotel. After we took finish our bath, we keep discussing about the strategic for the challenges and exchange our knowledge. "It's about 12o'clock already!" I said. Then we just tidy up and went to bed.

This was the first day.

16 OCTOBER 2010
We all were very nervous! There had so many intelligent people, no, it's our enermy! Haha!! Not really, just kidding.. There were clouded with people. After we registered, we went into 1st challenge - Hands-On Task. We didn't got a very good marks for it. I felt some disappointed! The electric wire was disconnected at the last moment. well, we didn't give up! come-on, don't panic! we still have the next challenge.

The 2nd challenge, Minds On. Hmmmm.. The only thing I would like to tell you all is BENNY IS A CAT!! Arghhh! There was a very long story. So sorry for I am lazy to type it. The last challenge of the day, MCQ. We got a quite-good-mark for it. But.. but.. but.. at the last moment the MC announce the Top 5 team which can go for final, there had no Sabah team!! We should be very sad! but i didn't feel very sad maybe i knew we did our best already.

In addition, today was my mum's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!!
we went down to her room and greet her. Besides that, I gave her a small present. Hehee..

My mum brought us to MPH to buy some books with the RM100 voucher. After that, we met my uncle and his family. We went to Farenheit Shopping Complex for window shopping. It was so special! I think you should go there and you will enjoy your day there! Then(about 11pm), we went to a street and took our dinner. Along the way back to hotel, my uncle bought chicken's wings. It was so tasty !! yummy~

Maybe we were too tired for 'playing' the whole day, we didn't play / talk / do whatever we like, we slept before 2am like what we planned.

17 OCTOBER 2010
We woke up at 7++am. We packed our own luggage. Then about 7.30am, we went down to have our breakfast. We doesn't eat much like before. After that, we went to the watch the Final. For the lower form, Penang team was the winner while KL was the winner for the upper form.

Next, we took our lunch. OMG!! Swiss-Garden Hotel's dessert was VERY NICE !!! I ate many dessert. I think I had gained some weight. I ate a lot at KL !!

My mum was not feeling well, Charlene's mum brought her to Mid Valley while Kirane and I was starting to feel sleepy. Unfortunately, we checked out already, cannot go back to room and have a nap. So, we walked to Time Square. "ah!!!~" someone shouted, from the theme park!! Kirane and I was very excited, we went up faster and asked for the permission. Good News! we got it.. We played roller coaster for 3 times, DNA mixture & 4 more things which we forgot its name. Before we play roller coaster, we did some 'practice'. haha!! I teach you, before you play roller coaster, play the DNA mixture 1st. Then you will not scare about roller coaster. Lets the bygones be the bygoners. We played and had fun there! I hope I can go there again! It's because i want to play again with open-eyes, especially the DNA mixture. I just remember the DNA mixture only, because it was the most nice, crazy and 'adventures' game!!

Some minutes to five, we decided to go out. we were so tired. We met our teacher , then we walked back to hotel. After we got our luggage,we went to the lobby(after Charlene met us). Finally, the van came. We got in and started to sleep. We were on the way to KLIA. bye-bye KL!~

After we checked-in, we went to eat MC Donald at the airport. When we got in the aeroplane, we continue our sleep.. I felt the aeroplane just like a roller coaster.. Hahaha!! SOT ! It's mean i miss the roller coaster xD

11.50pm we reached Kota Kinabalu. We reached 10minutes earlier than the actual time.

Bla . . . Bla . . . Bla . . . [busy]

18 OCTOBER 2010
1.30am I went to bed. I slept. TIRED.

9++am i woke up.

Then I ate the buns i brought at KL. After that, I continue to read my book I bought at KL, too.

Ending :
nervous + Excited
-> Excited + Happy + Enjoyment

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Recently, I am enjoy my after-PMR-life
Recently, I am thinking what to write on my blog
Recently, I am reading other countries’ fairy tales
Recently, I am preparing for mighty minds challenges
Recently, I am praying for my friends’ school examination
Recently, I am study God’s word because I promised him I will study His word after PMR

Recently, he didn’t online
Recently, he didn’t find me
Recently, he is busy on his staffs
Recently, he didn’t update his status
Recently, I don’t know how was him lately
Recently, I miss very very very very much him

These are what I do recently..

The history of georgina’s PMR

4th October 2010
The day before PMR
Georgina was busy preparing for her PMR
She studied very hard for it
5th October 2010
The first day of PMR
Quite nervous for the first day
Paper 1
Some questions were very tricky
Had some not-sure answer
Paper 2
Quite easy
6th of October 2010
The second day of PMR
English & geography
Had some careless mistakes
Arghhh !!!
7th October 2010
The third day of PMR
Science & history
The science paper 2 was damn hard !!
It was not in the format.. LOL !
Hate it !
History. I had made many mistakes..
Sad to say that 
11th October 2010
The forth day of PMR
Math & KHB
Math is my favorite subject <3
Easy for paper 1 &2
Had some tricky questions
But quite good for this paper :D
12th October 2010
The LAST day of 2010 PMR
Chinese :D
It is my favorite subject too
Traditional Chinese was very hard, to understand it
For paper 2, composition, I was very enjoy to write it
I hope that can help to score a higher mark :D
In conclusion, 2010 PMR is over !!
My PMR is over !!
So happy !!
That’s what I sincerely hope before !!
And I am very enjoy this PMR !!
I hope that I can get a good result for it :D

no stress now !!

no stress now !!
my PMR is over !!

wahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!
so happy & free now..
planing what to do next :D

learn bass guitar . .
study God's word . .
write story . .
online. .
chatting. .
upload my blog . .
& more . . . . . . . .

:D :D :D :D :D

but i still have a competition . .
not really free, lately. .

what do you think? :)

i am going to Labuan . .
my darling, Labuan . .
i am in a relationship with Labuan & guitar . .
shhhhh . . don tell others . .
Hahaha !! XD