Thursday, July 22, 2010

my sweetie's birthday

do you know who is she?

yes, my grandma

my grandma is my sweetie..
i love my grandma very much..
she always take care of me..
just like my mum..
she always give me the best..
she gave me everything..

Thank you, Lord.
You gave me a pretty, tender and sweet grandma.
I will treat her with respect and not to make her angry.
Besides that, i will take care of her & love her.
Hence, she can take care of my first child.
That's what my heart's desire.

i love you, my sweetie grandma..

*since i am sitting my trial exam when my grandma's birthday, so i just write my blog today :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

today.. 9th of July

the candle . . .
how nice it is . . .
design by Sally . . .

i cried at that touching moment.. huhuhuhuhuhu...
i will miss you all !!!
& i will not forget you, my senior, Eva!!!
thanks for teaching me all the things ! ! !

concert 2010

i am the star of that day ! ! !

sot sot sot..
three of us.. beautiful hands..
is that our concert ticket?
ya, it is.. 2in1


What does F.R.I.E.N.D mean?

A company?

A servant?

A teacher?

A person you can find when you feel bored?

Or a counselor?


Is a person you can find anytime ..

Is a person you can share everything with ..

Is a person you can talk in ‘non-stop status’ (wont ‘lack’ of topic to talk ) ..


Is a person who always make you happy

Is a person who always take care of you

Is a person who always comfort you when you feeling sad

& is a person who always forgive you when you did something wrong and without angry at you..


You have to always take care of your fellow friends

You have to always forgive your friends’ mistake

You have to comfort them when they are in bad mood

Please don’t hurt their heart

Don’t make them angry

Don’t angry them

Don’t say their bad words behind them

Don’t leave them alone


Thursday, July 1, 2010

simple make life easy

that's true.. simple really can make our life easy :)

simple means not complicated..
simple means easy to understand..

simple also mean ordinary.. not special..
simple also mean simply..

actually, 'simple' have many different of meaning..

what kind of 'simple' you like?
you may choose it

i would like to choose
simple is not complicated & easy to understand

what will you choose ? :)