Monday, September 6, 2010

STRESS ! ! !

it's mean pressure or worry caused by the problem in somebody's life

Exactly !!
that's what i mean !!

PMR is 28days to go !!
Don't you think that it was very stress !!?
i think most of the candidate will feel pressures of this exam !!
including me . .

after two weeks holidays & two weeks after that
we are giung to sit for that P M R !!

OMG !!!
the time is 'running' so fast !!
as fast as the cheetah !! WOW !!!
it is so difficult for us to catch it up !!

Make hay while the sun shine
Do not waste the time for 'nonsense activities'
I think you should know the 'nonsense activities' mean by..
it's still left 28 days
Work harder in these 28days
Just to score straight A's in the PMR result !!

A smart student
Knows how to manage his/her time wisely
An intelligent student
Knows every cloud has a silver lining
A studios student
Knows God helps those who help themselves

Good Luck to all the PMR candidate
Wish you all can get straight A's for the result !!
All the Best !!
God Bless !! :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Latest news

1. Trial exam.. FINISHED ! ! !
Hurray !! Finally, the exam finished ..
It was the last exam before PMR :D

Hmm ~ P M R !! !! !!
32 day to go.. just about 4 weeks , 1 month !!
so stress.. depress !!

2. Happy Holiday, buddy !!
School holiday is started !! Yeah !!~
That's what i hope for the long time.
Unfortunately, i have to plan the holidays for study.
Argghh !!! PMR, i hate you !!
Always 'controlling' my time.
Cannot to this.. Cannot do that..

3. i was falling in love !!
Haha.. Do you who i falling in love with?
Actually is not 'who' is 'what'.
I am falling in love with my guitar~
Haha xD

Actually, playing guitar is not as hard as you think.
It is very easy !!
I believe you will fall in love with it too !!
Wahahahahaha !!!~

4. I feel that the relationship between me and God is not as close as before !!
Oo-ou~ it because i keep busy on study !!
Hope i can do something to 'mengatasi' this serious problem.