Thursday, April 7, 2011

Be Fair

CASE 1 : REAL ! ! !

x is in-charged of selling magazines in school for her club. I ordered a magazine and I paid. At the moment I wanted to claimed my magazine from her, she told me that she had sold to her friends and asked me to wait until the next day ! How she can be a leader? It is not a characteristic for a leader? L.E.A.D.E.R ? FAILED !!!

CASE 2 : REAL ! ! !

When y's friend absent, did not come to school, she will be with u, all the day. Share everything with u just like your closest friend. However, if y's friend come to school, she will never care u or even talk to u !! IS THIS CALLED FAIR ? FRIEND ?

CASE 3 : REAL ! ! !

A, male, B's ex-bf ; B, female, A's ex-gf ; C, female, wish to be A's girlfriend
A is still loving B although they had already broke up for some years. C asked A to be her boyfriend as she loves him. A accepted C but A was still loving B. B knew and felt that, then she asked A, "choose between me & her." He answered "I don't know... I don't know... Please do not force me ... " like a ______ ____ .

CASE 4 : REAL ! ! !

When we are having Math and Add. Math classes, SOMEONE keep get close to me and SOMEONE 's main point is HE needed me to teacher HIM Math and Add. Math. I admitted my Math & Add. Math scored a very well result. Seriously, I am not SS (Syok Sendiri). WHAT FOR HE DO SO ? I KNEW I AM VALUABLE, BUT YOU ALL SHOULD NOT DO SO !!!


Most of my friends are in love, except me, still single. Being single for some yearS. They all are busy on keeping their own relationship well. While I am just busy on my studies, my OWN activities and etc ... do everything myself. Even some ____ friends have also couple with somebody~ HOWEVER, I am still a single lady ~~

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