Wednesday, April 27, 2011



We are best friend during the past, now & in the future
BUT we are enemies of each other now

I heard from your closet friend that you like him1 and admiring him2
How can you do that?!
Don't you already have a perfect boyfriend who make people jealous?
You ever told me that you are very loyal to him.
Do you know what are you doing?

Well, I love him1
I believed you did not realize this
As I never tell anyone of you include my buddies
I kept it myself, for a very long time
For him2
I don't care that much
As I do not have any interested with him
Just admire / like / love him as much as you can

Please don't like or love him1
I do not want to hurt you
Don't be my enemy
I don't hope you are my enemy too

Love Is Blind, sometimes
I might do something which you cannot predict
It might hurt you or even extremely hurt you
Until you feel the whole world is collapsing upon you

Think Twice Before You Leap
Do not regret after you do the decision
Be careful . . .


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